[ Virtual Try-On App ] – for Giaran (2019)

Design Methodology & Process

Target Group: Age 16 – 35 women

App Platform: Iphone X

Time: 2019

Role: Interaction/UI Designer

01 Define Exercise


Design a virtual try-on mobile app (an app that allows you to use your phone to virtually try on different lipstick, eyeshadows, etc.)


  • Help user achieve virtual try-on makeup purpose
  • Increase user experience for makeup trial
  • Provide makeup recommendation for different dress up
  • Make user easy to use the app
  • Allow user purchase the products on the app
  • Help user find right product suit her/him most

02 Competitive Analysis

Sephora Try-On

Product RangeAberration
Include different layers of eyeshadowToo many products
Face regognitionNo makeup recommendation for cloth types
Save lookBad visual UI design
Product detail include pricePool navigation
Easy purchase
Different format to choose
Six type of makeup


Lipstick color rangeAberration
Product detail include priceLess product
Simple UI designNo makeup recommendation
Easy to useBad visual design
Pool navigation
Only try-on for lipstick
Only one brand
Unable to save look or take pics
Unable purchase on the APP

03 Research Methods

Qualitative Research is used to gain an understanding of underlying reasons, opinions, and motivations. It provides insights into the problem and helps to develop ideas or hypotheses for potential quantitative research. I use qualitative research because I need to gather specific problems and user experiences to develop my concept effectively.

Qualitative Research(Individual Interview)


  • Most two main makeup steps are eyeshadow and lipstick, and then eyebrow, eyeliner, blush, eyelash, etc.
  • Just few people use Sephora Virtual try on function because of aberration concern.
  • Most makeup novices need makeup process in detail.
  • Most people like to have makeup recommendations for different style and mood.
  • People usually dress up and then makeup before going out.
  • People prefer light color cosmetics packaging

04 Concept & Solution

Feature One — Makeup Recommendation

Purpose: Provide makeup recommendation for different type of clothes and colors

Base on the type of clothes and colors, the App will provide appropriate makeups allow user to choose. User can also make adjust specified part of makeup such as eyeliner style.

User can directly view product detail for the makeup they like. And then, user can also complete one button command to add those products and purchase the them by easy way.

Feature One – Makeup Recommendation

Feature One – Product Detail and Purchase

Feature Two — Virtual Makeup Try-On

Purpose: Allow user try on virtual makeup by computer vision

Design functions allow user to try on virtual makeup base on computer vision technique. 

05 Wireframe

06 Mockup

First theme: Light pink

Second theme: Light green

The reason why to create two theme for the App because we have consider di erent type of users. User can choose their favorite theme when they using the App. I choose pink and green because base on my research, pink is one of the most color to relate with beauty and green is one of the most color make people feel comfortable.

07 User Flow

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