[ The Edge App ] – Fitness Equipment Management (2018)

The project is to know what the needs of the users are and the demands for gym people, also save energy and time to better achieve their fitness goal. For this project, both quantitative and qualitative methods got employed in the collection of data or the analysis of the respondents. The qualitative method got conducted through the use of tools and equipment such as the questionnaires, interviews, and observations of specified gyms. For the quantitative approach, the participants’ qualitative responses were then analyzed and presented quantitatively for ease of conclusion and the presentation of findings. From the study, it got established that most busy people have not motivation to do fitness training because lack of time management. As a result, the use of a fitness app to help them manage their time and plan would significantly help in solving such problems.

Role: Product/UI/UX Designer


The project aim is to know what the needs of the users are and the demands for people who want to go to the gym, also save energy and time to better achieve their fitness goal.


  1. Design an application to help people achieve different fitness purposes and motivations in the gym.
  2. time management (avert people get injured with the improper use of apparatus and poor fitness methods, ex: overtraining).
  3. Give user specific reminder before and during workout (such as diet)
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Issue Analysis

There are both advantages and disadvantages of either to do workout at home or in gym. It is not hard to see the advantages of fitness in gym rather than at home by the analysis table. However, most people lack motivation due to bad time management by literature review before, especially go to the gym.

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 10.46.22 AM.png
Issue Analysis

Observation Findings

Observation of The Edge gym

The identification of the problem was made using the qualitative method of research through interviews and specified gym observations. For the interviews, the gym trainers got engaged in interpersonal face-to-face communication with a battery of questions asked randomly. Besides, some of the fitness persons got also interviewed in the process and the responses obtained from both the trainers and the trainees collected and analyzed to come up with a data which could then be analyzed quantitatively to give an estimate of figures.

Research Focus

There are two major determinants of whether one is capable of attaining such ambitions related to fitness are the availability of time and the motivation to engage in fitness activities. But still, there is a broader extension of these two factors. For example, the aspect of time needs to get looked at from a critical point. One could be having enough time to engage in fitness training, but due to lack of proper planning,
this can never get achieved. For this research, a study was conducted to determine what some of the needs are for those who want to go to the gym as well as those who are already training to enable them to achieve their fitness goals. After the identification of these needs, a fitness application is to get a design that will create a solution to these problems by enabling the people to achieve their fitness goals and a timetable for arranging their fitness plan.

Research Structure


Artboard 1-8

According to the qualitative and quantitative researches, three personas and stories for each persona was built in a different scenario to come up with possible design needs from different users’ perspectives to support the design solutions.

The physical state of the personas gets shown as well as their lifestyle and behavior. Mathew, for example, is a 20-year-old undergraduate student weighs 210 pounds which could be as a result of his poor lifestyle of being lazy, consuming too many snacks and soda and also using the bus to school. On the other hand, Luke who is a 29-year-old teacher has an average weight of 145 pounds. He is married with one child, and his interest is in snooker, news, adding muscles, and also diet. Luke also walks to school, and this keeps him fit.

Artboard 1-8
Persona Scenario

The storyboard gave fitness people needs and prescient problems in gym that relates with the problem solution as well. To mention, the lifestyle of Luke who is a math teacher and he has one kid.

In the case study, time management is really important to him. Therefore, if there is a such timetable of equipment use he can check in daily that will helps him have better time management for fitness. Through the storyboard that relates with few different personas, there are three concepts and solutions for this project was come up.

Concept 1

The first concept is design a timetable about the use of equipment to help people arrange their time for fitness. By research, most people interested on a timeline to organize their time better and half of the questionnaire participants had faced the situation with encountered the facilities that full of used and they had to come back, which is a waste of time. In case, even some of them did not come back due to lack of perseverance. The timetable includes the use of facilities and fitness equipment in the gym (ex. how many treadmills still available and does the pull-down equipment in use or not).

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 9.42.20 AM
Concept 2

The second concept is design a fitness reminder function that include different reminder needs for specific parts of the body to help people achieve different fitness purposes and motivations. The rationale comes from trainer interview, and in the research, no similar reminder apps are existing so far for the specified fitness purpose Such as chest, triceps, abs, etc.

When user want to identify the body part to get trained during a particular day. During that day, it should also be noted as a reminder the kind of food to get consumed, and
from the illustration, the function is reminded to bring water, protein, and also do a Pre-workout. For example, the application can automatically reminder user the best time to drink Pre-workout when they add Pre-workout to specific fitness purpose (30 minutes before doing the chest workout).

Questionnaire Layout/Color Evaluation

Final Outcome Video

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