[ LONDON IS OPEN ] – (2018)

LondonIsOpen project design a series of campaigns that will show a positive message to passengers on the Oxford Street in London. Oxford Street is the UK’s favorite High Street and there drawing over 500,000 visitors a day. All passengers that include foreigners (international students and tourists), residents that considered as target audiences in the project. Beyond that, London is also a multicultural city and it has hundreds of thousands of restaurants. Every country has their own different food and they are proud of it. It does not matter what is your nationality, religion or background, food can connect people and it is something that all people have in common with one another.

Role: Graphic Designer


The aim of the project is to bring to awareness the foreign food and their history of culture in London, also contributes with the connection between passengers and the London. The campaign is set to reach many people in London since the population of the people in the city is high and it consists not only by residents but also tourists and students who love to try out the international food offered in London.


When people eat food from their native regions in London, they have a sense of pride of their background. The analysis of these foods through this project provides a better understanding of foods from China, Italy and India, how they got to London and the progress seen in the way people accept and appreciate the meals from the regions.
Another objective is to illustrate the foods from those regions, which evokes strong emotions of admiration and appreciation from the passengers who could be tourists and residents of London. The illustrations promote the knowledge of the foods as well as entice people produce connection of emotion.

Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 10.54.19 AM

Final Outcome

The main color of Chinese theme is red used in the series of Chinese topic screens because red is most typical color to represents China. In the Chinese flag, the red color in a representation of the communist revolution as well as the people’s traditional color. Food with illustration style to gives reviewers strong visual effect and timeline to helps people easy to understand with its historical background.

The main color of Italian theme is connect with Italian flag, and this color. The green color in flag is a representation of the plains and the forest cover of the country as well as the hills, and the inclusion of this color in the Italian food creates some value in it, which makes them attracted to it. The red color is also a component in the Italian food and it symbolizes the blood that they shed in their quest for independence. Used many different kind of food icons to express food diversity.

The reason for all of these screens to use their flag elements because each country flag always can makes its locals so proud of it, especially in other countries. For the series of Indian screens, the green color in the Indian foods is also an origination of their flag which has a dominant green color. The green color of the people of India is an indication of the fertility of their country as well as the auspiciousness and growth of their land.

Screens Implementation

Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 10.58.01 AM

For all of 50 screens, the installation arrange each series of screens topics in order. Bellow is the effect sketch for 24 screens of 50 as example. Also, there are different screens from other topic as space for each same topic installation.

The illustrations are a summary of the history of the three most popular international cuisines consumed in London. The significance of having the knowledge of the history of these dishes is that the people are able to associate themselves with the foods hence has a sense of pride in their heritage. The history of the cuisines also enables people to appreciate the international relations since people can pick up useful features and practices for people of foreign cultures and incorporate them in their ways of life. LondonIsOpen gives the residents or people who visit London an opportunity to feed at home since London opens up to the world through the campaign that will impact the lives of many within and without London.

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